Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pidge Update!

Pidge (highly original name there, eh?) is growing by leaps and bounds! He's off his hocks now and walks around very well--his injuries seem to have healed perfectly and now we can see he has fancy feathered feet!

He for sure has the 'cute' thing down pat...

He's a fine figure of a pigeon. We say 'He' strictly for the sake of convenience, I have no idea if Pidge is a boy or a girl. Meanwhile, he eats like a horse and is disgustingly healthy. He still has a bit of the yellowish baby fluff clinging to his feathers here and there, but is getting some lovely purple and green on his neck feathers. He still cannot fly, but is exercising his wings by flapping a lot. His wings make that distinctlive 'whirring' sound that pigeons have and his little feet almost leave the ground as he flaps around in circles. It's adorable.

He loves to snuggle and enjoys hanging out; with the kid especially and has an intense interest in LEGO--she built him a little pigeon skateboard that he sits on as she gently tows him around on the carpet. He is also unexpectedly a lot smarter than I expected a pigeon to be...but then I've never had a pigeon before.

It's amazing how quickly he has settled in as a pet, much to Nadine's endless disgust. Guardian the house roo tolerates him well, recognizing him as a brainless youngster. We aren't having Pidge and Nadine socialize yet as Pidge is still firmly in the 'food' category for Nadine I suspect...he needs to grow a bit more!

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