Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Few New Models...

Was browsing some diagrams and tried a few new ones to incorporate into my repetoire! These are first folds so the models are pretty 'meh', but with practice and maybe a change in a fold or two they'll work. I'll also add detail with eyes or other such things.

Clockwise left to right: a cute inflatable model of a winged box, a yacht, a tom turkey and a snail.

Also these:

Which are, clockwise: a Christmas tree, a cicada, an angelfish, a seahorse, a swan, two different owls, a pheasant and a Scottie dog. The Scottie dog is cool because with only one change to a fold it becomes a regular dog. The pheasant needs another leg and the angelfish a complete tail and a change to offset the lower fin--I think it'll look more realistic that way. Also the turkey and the swan really need the heads to be sink folded instaead of a pair of pureland folds to look their best.

I think my favorites are the winged box, the cicada, the purple owl and the snail. The purple owl is interesting because it uses 1/2 a sheet of square paper--not too many folds call for a rectangular piece of paper! I also found some dollar bill folds I want to learn: the ever-popular ring and an inflatable snail that is TOO cute!

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