Saturday, November 20, 2010

Origami Spirals!

I've been making more spirals lately, AND using up some of the other craft bits & pieces I have laying around, namely colored wire and beads!

The beads I've picked up over the years here and there...I have a big weakness for anything shiny, especially freakin' beads. I'm like a damned magpie. The colored wire I got at a yard sale a few years back with the intention of making jewelry...and discovered when I got it home and went to try it, that it was too thin & flimsy for that. So it's been in my gigantic Rubbermaid tub o' craft crap since, biding it's time until it can be used.

So here are a few of the beaded, wired spirals! Yay for actually following through on one of the oft-cried-out Crafter's Mantras (come on, sing along, you all know this one): I know I Can Use This Someday, Somewhere!

Most of these are a mixture of origami paper, scrapbook paper and recycled gift wrap, the large one is made from 3 inch paper, the rest 2 inch paper...

All origami paper: Yuzen Washi Chiyogami, a fabric-y type with gold accents.

A pearlized origami paper on the left, glow-in-the-dark on the upper right, harmony varigated origami paper on the lower right:

All of these are a mixture of origami/non-origami papers:

The metallic cord loops are so they can be hung. I've made a few more since these pictures were taken, I'm concentrating on Christmas-y papers & quotes since all will be left in public for random strangers to find as part of my ongoing 'Found Origami' project.

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