Sunday, November 21, 2010

And Another!

This one features Bug, one of her favorite hens.

Recently, Bug had to live in the house while healing from a serious wound which needed to be kept clean and dirt-free, so she was kind of a pain. Here she is leaping fom the couch to a dresser.

Yeah 'jump up on things & knock 'em down' was her thing, it got annoying. Bug was like the proverbial bull in a china shop. Self-satisfied chicken smirk included.

Note couch, including people, tied to a chicken, who is blissfully unaware of it and has, once again, jumped up on the damned furniture. The kid & her two friends were playing Halo (note the grunt on the TV screen and her dropped XBox controller), while her father and I have now entered and naturally stampede to the conclusion that someone has taken the couch yet left the television.

Next the kid tries something different, involving handcuffs. Undeterred, Bug still manages to leap onto the furniture, dragging the kid along. She's saying 'I'm in trouble, aren't I?' while I pull a facepalm.

Scream until you have an aneurism, while Bug smirks in a smug manner...

Finally, finally, her friend Bunny shows up to save the day, speaking fluent Chicken!

See? All you had to do was ask nicely!

...aaaannd Bug is, once again, perched on something.

The joke here is, the kid draws one of these little seal-type circles on the back of every book she makes, usually with the little character grinning, waving, and looking happy instead of gazing with frustrated disgust at a chicken.

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