Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Side DONE!

...three more to go...I'm getting tired of painting now.

But the finished side looks pretty damned awesome!

The straight edge on the right will go against my daughter's back. The top of the wing starts at about ear level, the tip of the feathers end at her knees.

This is the other side, here you can see the foamcore base the 'feathers' are hotglued to. Since the foamcore I used was originally white, I spongepainted it both for practice to get the technique & look down, AND just in case any part of it showed. This side gets covered with feathers next:

Pics of the detail, top:


And bottom wingtips:

The last thing I did was to tack the tip of each feather down using a hot glue gun so that the wing would look more like a single carved piece of stone. When I hold it up as it will be when worn, the feathers drape really nicely (wow, having little feathered friends running around the yard for models REALLY helps!). It has around 50 or so feathers, and was harder than Hell to get a decent picture of. Now that I kinda know what I'm doing and how to go about it, the others should go faster. I'd say each wing will weigh about 3-5 pounds when finished.

One change I'd make would be to do the final 'Iron Oxide' paint drips AFTER the entire wing is made rather than one at a time, to look more like realistic weathering. But since I've already started doing it this way, I'll do the others the same way so they match.

I want to get this project DONE, so I busted out my BIG craft table and now have a feather painting assemply line going in the living room.


  1. From my brother:
    That looks fantastic! Are you going to go take photos at an old cemetery at twilight? That would be so cool!

    1. You know what, we will! Great idea! There is an old cemetery in Downey that I found the other day, cool old-style headstones & all. We have to do a test run on the outfit & makeup anyway before Halloween, so that'll be perfect! Thanks for the idea. :)

      I REALLY, REALLY need a pic of your 'Lena Hardy' tombstone, I'd like to make a copy of it for my front yard, please!