Saturday, August 7, 2010

We're BOTH Ailing!

'We' in this case meaning me and my computer.

It discovered it had a virus, despite my fortress of anti-virus software. J. managed to clear it up, but it was a tough, sneaky one and did something to my photo files so that now PhotoBucket hates my attempts at uploading pictures and refuses. Oh well, the new computer J. built for me is ready and waiting in the wings, so this weekend we'll get it in place and ditch this old one. I plan on donating it to the local school once we get it cleared up and empty.

I found out yesterday the results of the MRI on my right knee--it has a cyst (Hey, I was right!), both of the miniscus are GONE, and severe arthritis. So, the doc tells me, it's knee replacement time. Oh joy, major surgery. To top things off, J. had an aunt die from an infection after she had her knee replacement done two years ago--which up to now I knew was possible, but I'd never heard of anyone dying after getting a new knee before. She was in the hospital for many months--after the initial surgery and immediate complications, she had ANOTHER replacement done, then the infection just ran rampant through her--and never DID get to go home at all.

Why do these things happen RIGHT before school starts, and I NEED my damned knee? I don't have time right now so it'll have to wait till after school starts. Meanwhile, the little bastard hurts and isn't planning on letting me sleep anytime soon.

Yay for needlework projects to help keep my mind off pain.

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