Saturday, August 21, 2010

More On The Bags...

Update on the shopping bags, slow but steady...I decided to have some fun and make the hen and roo match the Head Rooster and Head Hen of our flock, Phoenix and Bear. For reference, here is Phoenix:

and Bear...

Here is the finished second bag, 'Old Batch':

I'm pretty happy with the way he came out, although the metallic floss was, again, very hard to work with so I changed my design a bit and didn't use it as much as I'd planned. Here is a better look at the detail:

His hat gave me trouble, it came out looking more like a pancake for some reason.

More trouble came in the form of my 10 year old daughter, who was enjoying an unauthorized snack of black olives, and spilled the bowl on BOTH of the finished bags, staining them with nice, dark, olive juice.

This one, which also shows the finished pocket of the first bag, took the most damage...

The pocket was such a pain to work with I just did the outline on most of it and will keep the pockets simple. I hope (and so does she, believe me!) that this stuff washes right out. I know that these bags WILL take some abuse and pick up dirt in usage, but Hell, I expected them to at least make their initial trip TO the market unscathed. How she managed to nuke the only two finished bags I'll never know!

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