Friday, June 4, 2010

Score One Point For Me...

...no DVT! Interesting that my G.P. had the test done at the hospital...now I know why, though. The tech told me that if they found anything, I would not have been allowed to leave and would have been admitted right away. REALLY glad the test was negative.

Got to talking with the girl who did the patient paperwork, though...turns out she used to be a dental assistant, just like me. So we swapped a few dental stories. As usual, she worked for a DDS who had all the warmth and personality of sandpaper (most do). I've been SO lucky with my past bosses...well, some of them, anyway.

So, now I just have to go BACK to my pain management Dr. and see what the HELL is going on with this stupid knee, already. Next up is yet another MRI to see inside the damned thing.

Also took Phoenix the roo to the vet, he's got an infection of the footpad known as Bumblefoot going on--very hard to clear up. Doc cleaned it out some, we get to do most of the work on that, twice a day plus antibiotic injections twice daily. Phoenix is gonna be one pissed-off housechicken until his foot heals, which can take up to a month--Bumblefoot is notoriously hard to clear up. Phoenix is BIG and loves to jump UP on things, then jumps DOWN and that's when the footpad gets traumatized. He's just too heavy to be pulling that nonsense.

Luckily he's a complete gentleman, and has our two little one legged chicks for company, so he won't be too lonely. But reintroducing him to the flock and managing Scott, our bantam roo's behavior is gonna be a bitch...cross that bridge when we come to it!

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