Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another One Gone...

Tonight I took a beak count at dusk and discovered one of our little banty hens missing.

It was Honkey, the daughter of our oldest hen, a buff Cochin bantam named Sis, who just happened to lay a couple of eggs at the age of 8 years old in 2008. Since I didn't have any chicks from her and REALLY wanted some, I incubated the eggs and successfully hatched two baby chicks--both cute little hens, one named Potato and the other Honkey.

Honkey apparantly sat under the Forsythia bush tonight and peacefully passed away.

I can't find any obvious reason. She was in perfect health, had eaten, was nice and fat, and didn't struggle as she went. I'm inclined to think it was either just one of those things that happen, or the advanced age of her mother might have been a factor.

She was a very sweet little hen, friendly and eager to hang around her humans. We'll miss her a lot.

Here she is as a chick, taking a flying ninja leap at her hatchmate brother as they played in the living room back in July 2008.

We lost her sister, Potato, in January due to an accident. This last year has been a really, really bad one for losing chickens.

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