Monday, May 17, 2010

More Origami Folding...

Since I've been sitting a lot recently trying to rest & heal the flare-up in my right knee, I've tried to keep at least somewhat busy doing some origami. The pain is pretty heavy-duty and cuts right through the painkillers, which can only do so much. So I've kept to the simpler folds.

First, some butterflies!

These were quite simple and are actually made from two sheets of paper, then joined with a dot of glue.

Next, some Bellflowers, using a diagram that came with the packet of origami paper---I added the stamens and freehanded a little simple leaf. These are quite striking when folded with multicolor paper:

I've also come up with my very own design, my very first; yay! So here are some Little Green Men:

They could, admittedly, use some finesse. But these little alien guys fold with (not shown here) or without fangs, and are quick, fun and kid-friendly. I used the first part of the classic crane diagram, then diverged a bit from there. I think it uses maybe 10 folds, max--I haven't diagramed it though. Am I mistaken in thinking there is a program that will do that...?

Purists beware: there is ONE scissor cut. But I'm sure with more fussing about I could eliminate it.

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