Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yar, Thrift Store Treasure Found!

Yeah baby, scored three skirts at the thrift store acceptable for kids' Renaissance Faire costume use: One pale pink, one black and one dove gray with pewter buttons, perfect for a fancy overskirt that can be opened or closed. It's really overcast today so the colors aren't true in the pictures.

The buttons aren't strictly correct, but look so pretty they may stay. Also found a pale dusty green corduroy jacket to recut and add to existing faded purple corduroy bodice when I alter it...also got a lovely oriental brocade/embroidered piece to cut up and repurpose into pouches (one for the kid, one for my chicken drum) and elements for the kid's bodice. This fabric is cool because one side is deep blue with gold, the reverse is a greeny-gold with blue accents. Haven't decided which way I'll use it yet.

Pretty pleased with our haul, it really pays to dig through thrift store stuff!

It'll be a chance for N. to help with the construction of her own costume and learn a bit about sewing. It drizzled on us a bit on the way home, so it'll be nice to have a project to work on tonight and tomorrow when the house is all buttoned up and cozy and it's raining.

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