Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Not The Only One!

OK, people are acting and driving today like they've been pithed. Behind the wheel they are distracted, and when in motion are driving like they are being chased by the cops--reckless and not paying attention, and ALL in a big hurry.

Ditto for people NOT driving. Pedestrians are crossing streets at high speed without looking, we even saw a homeless couple having a walking screaming arguement right down the middle of a busy 6 lane major street, weaving in and around cars, throwing things and waving their arms. Everyone seems on edge.

Dunno if people are tensed up and waiting, maybe reacting to the P-waves of the earthquakes? Whatever it is, I'm glad to be home again from the grocery store and AWAY from it. Criminy.

Oh, and silly me, worrying about the local earthquake count nearing 2000.

It's just broken the 2,400 mark.

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