Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Unexpected Spring Storm...

is attempting to strip away the blossoms from my fruit trees, grrrr. To try and counter this I did my annual honeybee replacement self-pollinating using a child's dry paintbrush. I think the fruit trees and I are engaged now though...

The kid did not advance another belt in karate this time due to missing too many classes this month--at the beginning of the month some kids in the yellow belt class had come in and been little Typhoid Marys, spreading a particularly nasty virus around which we of course caught--we were all sick for about three weeks.

Still have to alter the kids' Faire costume, she was asking about going last night and it's coming up soon...

And one of the baby chicks has broken or dislocated her left leg at the hock and is gimping around. The homemade splint we put on last night was an unqualified failure, so I took it off again. Now she's gimping around the brooder box, but surprisingly doesn't look too bad, I think if she takes it easy she may heal OK.

It's like a drama stew around here this week!

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