Sunday, February 28, 2010


Chickam today had 16,300 viewers for a bit there! Chat was BUSY. Seems everybody loves it though, so it makes us happy to share the chicks. Right now the cam has been transferred to the brooder box.

I've gotten only spotty sleep for the last three days though, so hopefully tonight will be different.

But those chicks are GORGEOUS! I can't believe how nice they are.

We ended up with a total of 12 chicks: 2 Porcelain Belgian d'Uccles, 1 Black Mottled Belgian d'Uccle, 2 Silkies, one a Cuckoo and the other Black, 2 Salmon Faverolles and 5 Giant Cochins--1 Blue, 2 Lemon Blue and 2 Golden Laced.

All are very energetic, healthy and gorgeous birds, except for one, and Lemon Blue Giant Cochin with a twisted leg. It was so bad that her foot was completely upside down. I was able to splint her foot into place, not ideal but better than it was. She's one I had to peel out of her egg as she was stuck, and she's small compared to her sisters.

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