Friday, February 26, 2010

And KEEP Going!

Two more have hatched, a Golden Laced Giant Cochin and a Black Silkie. More eggs are wobbling and rocking as the chicks inside rotate into hatching position.

My broody blue Silkie hen, Blue, I brought in to mother the chicks...she flipped out, hates being in the house and EXTRA HATES being right next to Nadine.

So I brought in Boots, who although she isn't broody, IS a Cochin and Cochins will happily try to hatch rocks. She hung out with the chicks a bit, but her reaction was more in the form of 'favorite aunt' than 'mom'. Hmmm...I'll try Moet next, our part Cochin who was momma last year. If SHE doesn't work out, it'll just be us and the chicks!

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