Saturday, November 7, 2009


11th wedding anniversary today, yay! The traditional anniversary gift list says that the 11th is 'Steel'. What the heck is up with that? Not 'Linens' or 'Glassware' or some other normal household thing. Steel? Is this the bottle cap anniversary or something? What's next year--coke for stoking the blast furnace?

Oh well, off to Magnolia Bird Farm for more dessicated bugs for Scout the mockingbird and Jake, the sparrow.

Also, the Euflexa injection I got on Thursday is marvelous for my right knee, two more injections to go with this round. Then on to more rehab and a new knee brace for the thing. My right knee is being entirely too needy right now...


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    1. Thanks, right back at ya! :)

      When I was giving J. his gift, I was telling him that this one was the 'Steel' year, so he piped up and asked, "So what did you steal for me?"

      Smart ass... :)