Monday, September 14, 2009

The Finger That Wouldn't Die...

Despite all indications that it would really, REALLY like to.

The spider bite to my left index finger has provided, if nothing else, educational opportunities combined with mystery--what color will it turn next? What's that oozing from under my fingernail? Can it hurt MORE?

All these things have been mine this week, and more! Joy.

On Friday the skin on the end of my finger had formed a hard, plastic-like shell, so I soaked my finger in warm water for a bit and peeled it off. Vast improvement, and I was relieved to see pink healthy tissue beneath. Weird experience though. Now I just have to wait and see if this thing is going to let me keep my fingernail...so far the answer is leaning towards 'not on your life'.

It appears more mystery is still ahead.


  1. From my brother:
    I'm tempted to say "Post pictures!" but then common sense kicks in...

    1. Uck--no. DEAR GOD, NO.

      Your common sense is dead on, in this case. Remember that scene in 'The Fly' where Jeff Goldblum just kinda puuulllss his fingernail off...?

      Bloody spiders...