Saturday, August 1, 2009

Scout's On Bug Patrol!

And doing a damned fine job of it, too! Last night she spent a good hour zooming around the living room, expertly and delicately flying up to tiny bugs on the ceiling that only SHE could see and snatching them up. Then she would fly back down to me, chirp 'Breep!' and proudly show them to me before gobbling them up. Heh. We praised her, of course. Every so often she'd miss, which would be accompanied by a loud, irritated 'Peep!' and a disgruntled return to the top of her cage before reorienting and finally capturing the bug.

She's definitely getter stronger and better at flying, which is a good thing. She is still a baby though, insisting on being fed every so often. We had her cage out back the other day and N. caught a june bug, which was promptly slipped into her cage.

It was like Christmas for mockingbirds! She lit up and started to madly chase it around, looking to impale it on her pointy little rapier-like beak. Sadly, it got away with a lucky fumble through the bars. But there's always next time!

Watching her last night was better than TV!

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