Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mockingbird Is Go...

Scout, our injured baby mockingbird foundling, had her/his (who knows?) blue painter's tape splint removed today. She's using the leg fairly well, although it does stick out at a bit of an angle, at least it's not at 90 degrees like it was. She's even using the foot & leg to scratch her head and is flexing the toes a bit, something she was not doing days ago.

She also likes to sit quietly and look out the front window, singing little mockingbird songs under her breath to herself...like impersonating the peeping of the baby chicks and Jake, my sparrow.

Painter's tape works REALLY well for splints on birds, especially babies, since it will stick to itself quite well but not to tender skin or feathers. Cool!

1 comment:

  1. From my brother:
    This is a really great opportunity to teach the mockingbird the theme from Close Encounters...

    That would be so worth the effort, just so you could hear it at 2AM someday, from a tree down the street, over, and over, and over!

    Oh, here's a comic for you!