Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two Tidbits This Week...

...from the kid.

First was the other night while we were watching TV. I was lucky enough to be walking by J. and saw his reaction to N.'s sudden question: "Mom, what is 'flirting'?"

I think I actually saw the white of his eyes all the way around his eye! Priceless.

The second one was when she and I were watching the shuttle astronauts getting geared up for the launch. As their helpers were getting them dressed and equipped, one of them placed an orange-stick-like object in a small pocket on the outside of the astronaut's suit upper arm area.

Her: "What's that?"
I start to explain that it may be a glow-stick, shark repellent or dye marker for use if they go into the water. "Tha--"
I get no farther.
She suddenly turns to me, face all lit up as a thought occurs to her and the space program just gets 1,000 times more wonderful in her eyes.
"Is that an OTTER POP?!"

I laughed and said no, I doubted it. But damned if it didn't sound like a great idea. Otter Pops in space!

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