Sunday, May 24, 2009

So Far...

Four chicks! I'm actually kinda surprised at this, since I had candled the Polish eggs and they were universally duds. I'm going to have to convince my roos boys that those are GIRLS. Same with the Silkie hens though, poor babies.

So far we have 2 Bear/Phoenix chicks, 1 Skitters/Phoenix chick, and 1 blonde Baby(?)/Scott chick. The Bear and Skitters babies show the Americaunas chipmunk stripe markings, and the Skitters baby also has nice feathered feet. Both of the Bear chicks had to be helped from their eggs a bit, a combination of HUGE chick and tough egg membrane--Bear lays VERY strong eggs! Come to think of it, we had to assist Bear during HER hatching, as well, she was so big.

They are all quite cute and fluffy, of course. :)

Also, it is 3:30AM and I am quite, quite, quite tired after midwifing baby chicks all day.

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