Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, surprisingly, the 5 eggs we had under the broody mamas never hatched. So now we wait until the 26th to see what the incubator produces. I promised several of N.'s friends that they could come over and watch the hatch, which is always a fascinating process.

Meanwhile, Chicken Sister is STILL laying eggs, producing like a 2 year old hen! Sheesh...

And I have my Plymouth back again, yay! It still makes a ridiculous 'ftftftft' noise, which the mechanic tells me is the exhaust, so that fix will be in the near future, once I get a little money saved. But it now has a working gas gauge AND (thanks to a lucky, new-in-box online find) clock, which are both total luxuries that I've never had with this car before.

Now if I could find window weatherstrip for it, I could be dry during the rainy season, too! It's gettin' there...

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