Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oh Boy, Mom's Got Grassy Shoes!

Yesterday we gave the front lawn it's first mowing since reseeding and fertilizing it a month ago. Turns out we actually timed the seed and food right, for a change, and got it down just before tons of rain scattered off and on, perfect to make the thing grow like mad.

I went out back last evening to relax and get in a little quality chicken time before dark. As I sat in a chair, I suddenly had a huge group of chickens clustered around my feet, all eager to clean the bits of cut grass off my shoes. Sadly, I'd cleaned my shoes very well before walking though the house, so there wasn't much.

Cue unhappy chicken noises from a bunch of SPOILED birds.

So; dorky, easily-controlled-human me goes out front again to walk aimlessly around on the front lawn, doing my best to collect lots of yummy grass bits on my shoes again. I only got one strange look from one of the neighbors, so I count it as a success.

Out back again, this time I grabbed the camera on the way through the house. The gentle pecking from all those beaks was a weird feeling...

Yum, Mom's got Grassy Shoes, my favorite!

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