Thursday, March 6, 2008

Time To Play Catch-Up...

...so I'm going to be posting some things that are backdated a bit over the last two months that I never posted. Sorry for any confusion, I'm not trying to Gaslight anyone, you're right, they weren't there before.

Also, bonus link to a cool Owlcam, the nest of a pair of Great Horned owls high in a tower! Squee! Owlettes soon!


The are using an infrared camera under low-light conditions so as not to disturb her. In addition to the live camera feed, they have various still shots taken night & day. It's the female sitting, her eggs are due to hatch around March 13th. The male appears near dawn and dusk with tasty mousies which she gulps down, sometimes the camera catches him.

Don't miss the links on the left to other bird nest cams--Eagles, falcons, ospreys and kestrels! They aren't occupied yet, but will be soon.

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