Friday, March 7, 2008

The Darling Buds Of...March!

Spring has sprung, here at our house. Geraldine the tortoise is fully awake and chases you down to see if you are doing Something Interesting, the chickens are in full cackling crazed-egg-laying mode, and the flowers are doing their thing...

Ha, it's like a game of 'Which Does Not Belong?' The hens sometimes produce these tiny eggs in the Spring when their egg laying apparatus is gearing up.

The crocus plants by the front door

The white nectarine tree is just beginning to bloom, fruit in July!

And criminy, it's time to harvest the blood oranges! The tree is threatening to just keel over. I was a bad gardener and failed to thin the thing out the second time around, so we have a ton of oranges to pick tomorrow. It's beginning to make flowers, so now is the time. Ace the bunny has been standing up on her hind legs to nibble away the leaves she can reach.

Here's what they look like when cut, hence the name Blood Orange. They taste marvelous, like a cross between an orange and a raspberry. We picked three of them tonight to taste test them, from different areas on the tree--they're ready! We'll be gifting everyone who stands still long enough with blood oranges and eggs...

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