Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Our roses are just getting started blooming after I was really late in cutting them back after the first of the year, our 'Peace' rose was, fittingly, the first and only one with a flower this morning:

But the cherry tree is blooming nicely...it has yet to produce a single cherry, mind you, but is a pretty tree just the same.

Meanwhile, N.'s pet bunny, Ace, volunteered to pose as the Easter Bunny this morning.

Bear just eyed the basket skeptically, she's seen this 'colored eggs' nonsense before.

Some of the other hens had better, more interested reactions, and Bear hung around:

The Easter Bunny apparently had fun hiding the eggs, and seems to have a devilish streak when it comes to camoflage:

OK, you saw the red one on the crotch of the tree in the background...but did you see the purple-pink one?

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