Friday, January 4, 2008

The Plymouth Is Home!

After 63 days, the Plymouth is home again with a shiny rebuilt engine, among other things.

And the dash is back together.

Parts replaced/repaired:
Engine rebuilt, new hoses, oil, filter, plug wires, etc.
Engine mounts
Harmonic balancer
Heater core
Water pump
Carb rebuilt
Engine & engine compartment painted
Replaced dashboard voltage regulator
Replaced Fuel gauge
Repair/replace dash wiring
Replace turn signal cam
Install 4 speakers
Replace horn ring
Replace/repair temp control cable
Install new trunk, door locks
Replace ignition
Fix driver's side door (drifted closed & bit people)
Repaired/replaced tailpipe strap/bracket
Replaced pass side front grease cap

A few kinks though: the convertible top rear window glass hangs up on the rear seat speaker, so I need to either find one that fits the speaker well better, remove it or find a way to mount it on a diagonal so that it slips into the speaker well better. Also, the gas gauge, which worked at the shop when I picked up the car, had failed again by the time I got it home. The speedometer, which had been fine, is now twitching at speeds under about 25, and when I floored it in a long, empty stretch behind the local Target store, it only got up to about 20 MPH, when I KNOW I was going much faster than that. Sadly, the clock in the dash didn't revive, either. The new engine runs a bit rough and feels kinda strange, but that may be due to needing to be broken in. But all in all the car is vastly improved and I'm happy with it.

It's a bright spot in an otherwise really, REALLY shitty month.

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  1. From my brother:
    My last comment didn't go, so here it goes again:

    Holy CARP! SHINEY!!