Wednesday, January 16, 2008

FTD, Kindly...


FTD, yes, the big guys, the florists you see advertising on TV, sooooo well known. A day and a half before my sister Carla's funeral service, I got online with FTD's website and ordered flowers. The arrangement looked beautiful, but their site is clunky and they make you jump through all KINDS of hoops to get some stupid flowers sent. But it did get done, with delivery promised to the funeral home on January 5th. This was on January 3rd.

YESTERDAY, I get a casual email from them telling me they are 'refunding my money since the order was cancelled'. TWELVE DAYS after the promised delivery date? What the Hell?! I never canceled them! Aw, shit, didn't those damned flowers get delivered?!

I email them back, asking them what the Hell. I never canceled the order, what happened? They reply that they don't contract with anyone IN Sandpoint, ID, so no flowers were ever going to be delivered.

'Angry' does not begin to describe how this made me feel. My next email to FTD was in full 'ream' mode. I told them how unprofessional they were not to know in advance where they were contracted and where they weren't, and if they had no florist available in Sandpoint, they NEVER should have accepted my order. I also told them to close my account with them. For the record, Sandpoint has EIGHT florists when you do a search online.

FTD, I can't think of anything bad enough to call you, so I'll leave it at this: Assholes.

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