Sunday, August 14, 2005

Just TOO Cool!

Gotta thank my sister H., our gal in China. She just sent N. the neatest envelope...inside was a fun note telling N. all about Auntie H.'s adventures over there, plus some Chinese coins...AND the coolest part, her Dland business card in English and Chinese, and two maps of Hong Kong Disneyland!

Thanks Auntie H., you are the best! N. couldn't be more thrilled, and we've placed all those things away very carefully for her to have always. We had trouble getting N. to stop jumping up and down and waving her hands (her outlet for Big Fun and Excitement) long enough to go over everything with her. She played Chinese Disneyland the rest of the afternoon. :)


  1. From my brother:
    We saw Hong Kong Disneyland from the air last night as we flew in from Beijing! Only a mile or two off the port side of the aircraft during the final descent. It just popped into view for a few seconds in between towering banks of clouds. It was like looking down onto Anaheim's Disneyland before the trees all got big... It was so pretty!

  2. From my sister:
    I'm glad everyone liked it. But wow, that took a really long time to get there. I better get going on another one or I'll be home before the next note!