Monday, April 25, 2005

An Easter Gift From Ma Nature!

Easter Sunday we were attending an Egg Hunt at a local park, which found N. acquitting herself quite well--she got in there and grabbed eggs with the best of them. The folks were smart and used plastic eggs filled with treats. Afterwards we were sitting around talking with the family, and as we walked to our cars we noticed something strange...


Every few seconds, a group of 2-6 Painted Lady butterflies would slowly flutter past us, all moving in the same direction. It continued the whole time we were there. As we drove home, we noticed even MORE of them, the mass migration finally causing the 605 freeway to nearly come to a halt as cars slowed, windows rolled down and grinning adults stretched out their hands to the butterflies like little children. The butterflies weren't flying OVER the freeway, they were flying in a slow, stately manner ACROSS the freeway. Everyone was obviously charmed right out of their shoes and braking so flocks of butterflies could pass.

After we got home we went out back and sat for a bit, enjoying the clouds of color as they flew across our yard and over the house, continuing their trek to wherever they were going. I've never seen anything like that in my life. It even made the news that night.

A very cool Easter gift, thanks Mother Nature! :)

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