Friday, August 25, 2017

I Have Pears!

After only two years in the ground, our Bartlett pear tree is producing, yay!

Tonight the kid and I harvested 16 of them.  Growing pears is a first for me.  Other than soap spray for bugs/disease in the Spring, we didn't use any chemicals, so of course we get some wonky fruit in there...but for the most part they look OK.  To check and see if they are aready to pick, you cradle the fruit in your hand and tip it horizontally to the branch--if it comes off easily, it's ready.  There are still another 10 or so pears on the tree.  Now to wait for a few days while they finish off ripening--you don't want to allow pears to ripen on the tree or they get mushy and mealy.

So in a few days, we'll see!  Can't wait!

...and YES, we had an anxious chicken audience below, praying we'd drop just one....