Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Updated Chick Pics And Some New Faces!

Um...well...we did go to the feed store.  BUT...but just to get *ONE* chick, a Red Star.  Zip, who sadly passed last year, was a Red Star and we loved her, she was so comical and friendly.

But then when we got there they had a 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' thing going, and...well...weather you call it 'Morehens Disease' or 'Chicken Math', the end result is always the same.  Go in for 1, come out with 4.

So here are the four new kids!  The two oldest first, they are about a week older than the chicks we hatched. First is Olivia, a very calm and sweet Australorp (a breed that's been on my Want List for years). InstaPet right out of the gate, she loves to sit on laps and be snuggled.

Next is Dottie, a Silver Laced Wyandotte. But since she loves to peck at fingers in the neverending hope they contain food, has been relabled as a Silver Laced WhydYaBiteMe.

The two younger chicks are about the same age as ours, maybe 2-3 days younger.  Here is Star, the Red Star breed I *originally* went in for.

Then there is Bodie, a Golden Sex Link chick.

As long as we were taking pictures, updates on the 5 we hatched! Going from first to hatch to last, Popcorn is first. Popcorn, as expected, is shaping up to resemble her mom, a Belgian d'Uccle. The vulture hocks on her legs are coming in nicely. Still the tiniest chick in the box.

TaterTot, who hatched out black with a brown head, seems to be molting out with tons of white coming in, with some brown. And vulture hocks! Pretty sure Milton, our tortoiseshell d'Uccle mix roo, is her daddy. Mama is likely Chicken Pox or Sprinkles.

Don't know yet what color(s) she'll eventually be, and from her facial expression neither does she!

Banjo the fluffy foot feathered fuzzball is next.  I strongly suspect Banjo of being a fella, going by the little red comb coming in and the 'calling for food' sound I keep hearing from the chick box. He just plain gets fluffier every day. Banjo may have Pie for a mom.

No slouch in the feather department either, but with the meatball body to match, is Strychnine!  That's a lotta chicken right there, she's a very heavy bird who likely has Crack for a mom and Cam for dad.
And yeah, I *do* get a juvenile giggle out of calling her a Crack baby.

Last is Groot!
Who was *very* excited and instantly did the Boneless Chicken thing and sat down when it was picture time.

Groot is definitely totally chill and goes with the flow of whatever is happening, when she isn't busy cluelessly stepping on her sister's heads.

All 9 chicks get along great, although they STILL refuse to try any new foods that aren't corn on the cob or live mealworms.  But hey, they are chickens.  They will eventually!

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