Sunday, May 1, 2016

Chick Pics!

Here is our 2016 hatch, a total of 8 chicks!
We started out with 18 eggs in the incubator, after 10 days I candled them and removed any duds, that left 12 eggs.  All of the eggs were from our own flock, we decided against getting any mail order eggs this year.

So in order of hatch, here they are oldest to youngest--if I know or have a guess at mom or dad, or who might be sisters based on similar egg type/color, I'll put it down here!  Tiny wing feathers are already starting to appear!

Milton, first to hatch from a little banty egg, a tiny Belgian d'Uccle/bantam Cochin mix--her mother is Wiggles, our gray mottled d'Uccle and her daddy is Mushroom, our bantam Cochin roo.

Bowie, from a small, light green egg, her mother is Toaster, a bantam Cochin/Americauna mix and daddy is most likely Mushroom.

Bowie caught in mid-headscratch

Marshmallow, a fairly large chick with a green spot, from a large, dark brown egg--mama is possibly one of our light Brahma mix hens, probably has Cam for a dad.

Kotori, similarly colored to but smaller than Marshmallow, from a small, dark green egg.

Alecto, from a large, dark brown egg, possibly has Linc, Alice (both Barred Rocks) or Snakefast (Barred Rock mix) as a mama, Cam as daddy.

Lenore, a dainty little chick from a small, dark green egg, possibly sister to Kotori, may have Pie as a mom and Mushroom for dad.

'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...'

Fiver, from a small, light green egg, is possibly a sister to Bowie (which is why Fiver has a blue spot on her back) with Toaster-mom and Mushroom-dad.  Here, Fiver demonstrates typical Cochin 'Block-O-Chicken' cubelike dimensions. 

Peepers, aka 'Meatwad', last to hatch and the biggest chick, from a large, light brown egg.  She likely has either Rambo or Pie for a mom and Cam, our Americaunas/Giant Cochin mix roo for dad.

And lastly...

'Here at Club Flamingo, we offer a full service Corn Bar, complete with comfy, warm fluffybutt to keep your lazy ass cozy while you hork down that corn!'

...that is, until Bowie emerges and stands on your food.