Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Is Bustin' Out All Over...

So the landscaping we put in last year is really taking off...

The pink dwarf flowering almond is especially gorgeous and seems really happy.

They're beautiful things, I'm really glad we put in three of these!

These petunias reseeded from last year, the kid's school grew them for the town's hanging baskets that line Highway 395 through the center of town, they smell amazing.

Both the Lavender Twist contorted redbud trees are blooming with tiny, snapdragonlike blooms.

The Showtime crape myrtle is gearing up...

And out in the future vegetable garden, the Sugar Tyme crape myrtle tree is being stupendous!

But all is not happy in Chickenland today.  Shake, the tiny Belgian d'Uccle, decided to get jealous and take personal offense at Alice the Barred Rock following me around as I took pictures, and picked a fight.

At first Alice politely ignored her, but you can only take so much of a microhen pulling your tail and growling and talking trash at you. 

Alice stares at Shake as if to say, 'You sure about this, little bug?'

She's sure!

Zip stands by, unhappy at the fight and growling, warning these two she's gonna break this nonsense up any second.

Luckily Alice ends things by jumping and sitting on Shake, who wisely decides to retire from the field of honor and runs off.

Meanwhile in the coop, Burger thinks it's too warm to engage in such silliness and cools off.

And egg laying goes on full steam in the nest boxes.

It's SRO, line up girls!
Pie voices her displeasure at being at the back of the line, however.

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