Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dodging A Bullet...

...or a handfull of ball bearings, take your pick.

The Jeep had developed a weird squeaky-rattle that yesterday got dramatically worse...just in time for  another winter storm moving in.  Husband checked it out and determined that a pulley that was holding the freakin' serpentine belt was at fault, so he ordered a new one.

As luck would have it, the part came in today, so he zipped down to the auto parts store and got it.  He was able to change it out between the 'heavy rain' part of the storm and the 'heavy snowfall' part.

Here's what he found!  The thing normally has a plastic cover, the ball bearings aren't even supposed to be visible.

I especially like how the center part is kinda leeeaaning over (it's supposed to be straight!).

God knows where the missing ball bearings went, we no doubt sprinkled them down the highway as we drove.

Yay for catching things like this before they explode and cause a major issue and spread your serpentine belt all over the car!


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