Saturday, August 1, 2015

Nevada State Fair!

So in this economy, we're lucky to be able to pull this off at all, and it was only one weekend...but we're pretty happy with the state going ahead with it, however humble it was.

The 'Fine Arts' section yielded some fun stuff, including a chicken cake!

And hey, it got First Place and Best In Show!
It was pretty damned cute.

I really liked this pencil sketch, it reminded me of my horse.
Lots of talented folks had stuff displayed...

And then...then...there was this.
Yeeeah baby, Grade A Nightmare Fuel, right there.  And yes, the eyes followed you around the room.  Looks like something from the 'Night Gallery' prop room.  Anyone old enough to get the reference knows what I mean.


Moving along to the barns and the chicken section!  Of course.
No, really.  That's a chicken.  One end of him, anyway.

See?  And a handsome fellow he is, despite the near 100 degree heat.

We got a kick out of the cage tags.  Pullets, OK...

...and let's not pretend.
Y'all are food, babies.  Kinda rubbing it in, though.

After sweating it out at the fair for a few hours and watching the kid make herself sick on the rides, we headed home, where we were treated to yet another glorious sunset.

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