Friday, July 10, 2015

Yay For Garden Junk!

One of my favorite things!

A couple of months ago I spotted a bent metal headboard and two side pieces from a daybed at a rummage sale.  Since the rest of the bed was gone--I decided to haul it home to be repurposed in the garden!

So today the headboard was turned on one end and became a trellis for the silverlace vine growing alongside the chicken coop, to grow upon.  It actually fit perfectly in the space!
 The two side pieces are earmarked as a trellis for peas and raspberries in the vegetable garden in the future.

The vine being fenced off from nibbling feathery marauders, naturally.

Weedcat was providing Chicken Supervision, but was multitasking so was kinda all 'Meh' about it.
Dustbaths being important business, after all.

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