Sunday, June 28, 2015

Landscaping, One Month Later...

I can't believe it, things are growing in my yard!  All of the new trees and shrubs are alive and thriving.

Of course, so are weeds, but they will be taken care of very shortly when the last step--gravel, grass & sprinklers--goes in.  Meanwhile the freakin' weeds are going bananas, mostly thanks to our daily rainstorms for the last month.  Just pretend you don't see the dumb weeds.

The Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud out front has leafed out nicely!  I wanted a pretty tree I could admire from inside the house and this one fits the bill nicely.  If you GIS it you'll see what I mean!

Big blank space where DeathRose and sprinkler-control-eating lilac bush were, although across from this are a couple of miniature roses, a *tiny* 6 inch high Sergeant crabapple (an Arbor Day Foundation donation freebie), a 'Pink Beauty' potentilla and assorted annuals.

I mean, look at this!  What thinking person does this?!
*Sigh...* Anyway, the stump will be removed once it dies & dries out a bit. I've got an ax and I'm not afraid to use it.

In the corner of the property next to the driveway & street, the broom plant I planted three years ago is blooming like mad, and smells amazing.  The thing honest to God smells like candy.  Also in this corner are a dwarf pink flowering almond, a 'Spanish Sunset' rose and a 'Cutie Pie' potentilla with beautiful coral-pink blooms.  
 And weeds.

I wanted stuff to climb on the fence, so I planted two aromatic varieties of hops--I don't make beer, I just think hops plants are pretty.

Also another Silverlace vine, just like the one climbing the chicken coop.

It already has delicate, pretty, white blossoms on it.

The planter along the front of the house has a bunch of stuff I've been planting over the last three years...roses, wildflowers, herbs, tomatos, ornamental sunflowers...

A Pink Iceberg rose and behind it, hollyhocks grown from seeds from my mom's garden!  One of the first things I did when we moved in here was to plant a handful of hollyhock seeds, knowing it would take a few years before they really got going.

The storms lately have thrashed them a bit, but they're still pretty!

In the back yard near the house, the Showtime crabapple and second Lavender Twist Redbud are leafing out as well.

A Serviceberry plant that I got as a freebie for donating to the Arbor Day Foundation.

It's dutifully making berries!

My other plants came in, a 'Hot Cocoa' floribunda rose and two butterfly bushes--an 'English Peacock' and a 'Black Knight'.  Some of the butterfly bushes were supposed to be 'Royal Red' but were obviously mismarked when they bloomed purple.  Oh, well.

The pond now has a spinning Garden Wheel Of Death as a protector to decapitate anyone nearby.
And YES, the chickens hated it when we first thrust the thing into the ground and walked off, yelling over our shoulder, 'Enjoy!'

"Bawk, bawk, baaaawwwk..."

In the chicken yard, the two 'Bailey' red twig dogwoods have taken off, I've gotta get out there and redo their chicken wire so they can stop being so strangled.  In the middle is one of the new hose bibs! Water in winter, yay!

Close-up of the red twig dogwoods doing their thing and making berries.

The Cockspur Thornless Hawthorne tree doing it's thing and making berries...

In the middle of the chicken yard, the area I hope will one day be a little chicken oasis, with the Curly Willow in the middle, a 'Ruby Spice' Summersweet on the left and a 'Pink Dawn' viburnum on the right.

Beyond the Chicken Oasis, the second little hill has had someone *cough*baby chicks*cough* digging in it, to the extent that I worried the big rock was gonna roll over on them and I'd find a crushed chicken one day.  That's where the Chicken Foiler comes in--the cover to the brooder box getting repurposed.  Not to mention that they are slowly destroying something I paid to put in, damned chickens! Now I have to redo it, little smartasses.  The used-to-be-a-hill has a 'Pink Dawn' viburnum on the right and another 'Ruby Spice' summersweet on the left, the Bartlett pear tree is on the right.
 Waaay back on the right of center is a 'Cherokee Chief' dogwood tree.

It's just soooo nice to be able to stand back here, look back at the house and see growing things!

Plus, Weedcat approves.

Over against the fence, lining the driveway, are two lonely little 'Cameo' flowering quince plants.  This is where my budget gave out, I wanted to line this entire fence with plants because the dogs next door tend to charge at the chickens.  Turns out the plants were too expensive, so where I'd planned 10-12 plants...I got two.

Oh, well, they'll grow!

On the other side of the coop, the Satsuma plum is growing, despite Zip *leaping* for leaves off it every morning.  It's her first-thing routine to stand under the thing and jump up and down for leaves like they're morning coffee.  She has the bottom branches nicely trimmed by now.

And another Arbor Day Foundation freebie, the world's *tiniest*, cutest little Northern Red Oak tree.  It's about 6 inches high and is a perfect little oak tree, it cracks me up.  Needless to say it gets Fort Knox Against Chickens around it or they'd kill it inside 3 hours.
It'll grow...

The Silverlace vine against the coop is already reaching for it.  I have an old curved metal headboard off a double bed that I'm going to attach to the coop for it to grow up on, I think it'll look cool.

At the very back of the property is the area for my future vegetable garden & compost heap.  I haven't gotten around to getting the old pallets I plan on using to build the compost heap yet, that'll be this week.  We have a local salvage yard that gives them away.

Two more butterfly bushes, a 'Royal Knight' and an 'English Peacock'...

The other Thornless Cockspur Hawthorne tree...
...and it's little buddy sidekick, the tumbleweed.

Somewhere in this nightmare of weeds is the Sugar Tyme crabapple tree and two 'Profusion' beautyberries. This week they'll get weeded and mulched.

But at least the beautyberries are happy and doing their thing!

The chicks inspect the other hose bib for the garden.

...and we're done.  We'll end by leaving Cluckadorkle pining for the snowball viburnum plant she cannot eat.
Poor sad chicken.

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