Saturday, June 20, 2015

Break's Over...

...it's fire season!

Our first really close local wildfire is upon us, the Washington Fire is burning near Markleeville, CA about 20 miles away and is up to about 350 acres so far.  The wind is kicking up tonight and tomorrow so we'll see where this one leads.

The view from my driveway about 7PM tonight:

From down the street:

It got big really fast.  From 10 acres to 350 in the space of about three hours.  It's burning up in back of my mom's place but I think is headed more our way than hers.

Stealth Cow has the right idea--hide in a ditch with just your ears sticking out until it's all over.

Ah well, is there ever a time when California isn't on fire?  Haha, NO.

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