Saturday, May 2, 2015

Landscaping Time! Day 3 & 4, Trenching, Staking And Water!

Today was alllll about trenching!  Lots and lots and LOTS of trenching.
The trenches started at the back of the house and extended all the way to the back of the property.  This one is for water line for the two new hose bibs.

Another by the deck is for electrical to the coop.

Of course, it wouldn't BE our yard unless we dug up something weird, right?  Right!
One random, useless lump o' concrete, coming right up!  Note that I'm not talking about the one holding the gatepost in place, but the one below it, deeeep underground. Maybe it's from someone on the other side of the world doing their landscaping.

The trench continues past the coop to the back garden area...
The white PVC is the water line.  The new upright hose bibs are freeze-proof, which means no more hauling 5 gallon buckets of water out to the animals in winter, yay!

I think the thing might have needed a new chain by the time it got done digging in our yard, poor Ditch Witch. The new plants each got staked and tied on three sides to help defend them against our winds.  Note tree stakes already in place for the Curly Willow on the right are chunks of rebar.  We ain't messin' around.

Yeeaah...one or two rocks, there.

Good God, the rock thing really got ridiculous.

But in a surprise move, Weird Underground Crap comes roaring back from behind to take the lead! 
It's some kind of cable-wire stuff, I dunno.  We heave a weary sigh and yank it out.

The tree stakes & ties and the drip irrigation line go in...

We made a big horsehoe-shaped driveway so we could drive the Jeep around the back of the chicken coop to the feed shed, and an extension of the driveway goes back into the vegetable garden area.

All of the new plants got drip line strung to them.  Drip line is one of those things that should be left above ground.  It's only slightly buried where it crosses the driveway.

Once everything is laid in the trenches, our job will be to fill the dirt back into the things.  The water line trenches are done, but we still have electrical to lay down.  Meanwhile, our work crew got to it filling the water line trenches back in.

Pumpkin was foreman and only fell in twice.

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