Monday, March 9, 2015

Chickam Update!

Candled all of the eggs tonight, both Hatch A & B.

I culled 22 eggs from Hatch A that had not developed at all (it's been 10 days for them and they would have started by now). I'll do a breakout on them later to see if there are any overt problems and if they are fertile.

I saw 23 Embryos in the Hatch A eggs, 7 embryos in the 18 Hatch B eggs! I left ALL of the Hatch B eggs in since it's only been a few days for them, more may develop. Out of the 23 Hatch A embryos, 8 of the shipped eggs have embryos, all of the rest for Hatch A & B are eggs from our own chickens.

Time to go to the local appliance store and round up some discarded major appliance boxes to build a brooder box with, 'cause it's eleven days 'till baby chicks!

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