Saturday, March 28, 2015

Banty Adventures & Bad Puns

Today the afternoon quiet was ended when we heard the entire flock yelling like it was the end of the damned world.

What it actually was, was the entire flock flock ratting out Shake, a tiny bantam Belgian d'Uccle hen who was being adventurous and got herself stuck...
...on the roof of the chicken run.  She had everyone freaked out.

Never underestimate the ability of a chicken to get itself spectacularly into trouble.  The Chicken Mantra rings true once again.

But I have to say, she didn't look happy about her situation.

She got a thorough scolding and was helped off the roof and back onto the ground.  Also, we moved the trash can which she'd used to climb up there on.

As long as we were out there, I got a few more pictures.
Look, it's Pumpkin Pie! *snort*

And here is that large Burger, small Shake and Fries you ordered!

Burger?  Shake?  Fries?  Get it...?
 OK, not amused.  Some chickens have no sense of humor...

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