Monday, February 9, 2015

THAT Isn't Food!

Want to see what a bad girl looks like?

 Pumpkin, The Idiot Queen.

 The kid noticed her acting a bit off this afternoon and brought her into the house so I could observe her. It was nothing really obvious, she tooled around the living room kinda foraging but not *eating* any of the Cheeto I'd just been feeding Zevon, one of our 12 year old bantam Frizzle hens who has been a house chicken for the last few days due to the weather. Now, a chicken not eating=something wrong, so I felt her crop...yup, no food in it.

VERY unusual, so while my husband grabs her and holds her, I start to check her over. Suddenly she opens her beak a bit, and I juuust see a glint of silver. Oh dear, there's something metal in there!

This. Wedged deeply into her mouth.

It had come off the power strip in the coop and was basically a washer, and the dumbshit had tried to eat it. It was in there so deep that I could barely get my fingertips on it, it was, 'brace the chicken head and force your fingers in there to get the thing'. I knew I had one chance to get it before it went in deeper, and luckily snared the thing on the first try.

The kid got all kinds of kudos for following her gut and bringing one of those, 'something isn't right' things to our attention. Pumpkin seems OK now, if nursing a sore mouth. She had some mealworms and went back out.

Damned dumb bird.

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