Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hatch A Is Complete And Set!

This morning I added the final bunch of eggs, there are 43 in there right now!

When it comes to daddys, it could be any of the 7 roos, they are all being very diligent in their duties. There are two bantam roos--Bloop the MilleFleur Belgian d'Uccle and Mushroom the bantam Cochin. Big roos are: Weedcat, splash Giant Cochin, Cam, Giant Cochin/Ameraucaunas, Frosty and Cowbell, Ameraucaunas mix and Buzzard, Ameraucaunas/MilleFleur Belgian d'Uccle mix (I don't know how Bloop managed to climb Rose, a big hen, and father a child...but I salute him).

As for moms, the only eggs I was able to be sure of were 1 from Alice, Barred Rock, 1 from Sophie, Bantam Sicilian Buttercup/Cochin mix, 1 from Pie, Buff Brahma/Giant Cochin/Ameraucaunas mix and 1 from Olive, bantam Cochin. The green eggs are from Ameraucaunas hens and the other tiny eggs and from bantam hens...beyond that, who knows!

There are no eggs on the bottom of the ReptiPro because I'd have to raise the temps too high to get enough heat down there, eggs on the top shelf would get too hot and die. In one week I'll candle these guys and remove any that have not started to develop embryos, then add the eggs for Hatch B. As incubation progresses from there I'll candle the eggs again on March 14th and cull any non-developing eggs.

Now I get to hand-turn all these eggs 5 times a day for the next three weeks, haha.  Hatch A should hatch on March 20th & 21st.  Once the culls are out there will be a *bit* more room in there.

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