Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Kusudamas!

I've been busy folding kusudamas lately, they are a terrific winter evening pastime.  Some of the models I've folded before, some are new to me.

Two traditional flower balls, a third that incorporates the compass rose design I folded recently with a basic base.  All are folded with 2 inch square paper.

A Tomoko Fuse model, another flower ball and another compass rose, all three with 2 inch paper.

Three more Fuse models, this time with 3 inch paper, the fourth with 2 inch paper again.

Some of the paper I overdyed with several colors or added a metallic gold wash to, and on the flower balls I played around with the basic design a bit.

Some detail...

Some of the paper has a white back side, some is the same color on both sides.  It makes for quite a different look with the identical fold.  The black/white/blue model blends vintage wrapping paper with modern paper.

The blue and pink model incoporates pink vintage wrapping paper with some gorgeous Rossi Florentine artisan paper.

It was kinda overcast today and not the best light for taking pictures.  I'm playing around with various new overdyes on some of my paper and kusudamas with two or three models of varying sizes on the same cord.  These are simple kusudamas of 12 units each, now that I've folded these for practice I'm moving on to more complex models with 30 to 60 units each...

...and one with 144 units.  That one I'm not to sure about because it's coming up on a busy time of year for me, but we'll see.

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