Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yay, Poultry Show!

Today was the big annual show & sale for our poultry club, the Northern Nevada Poultry Fancier's Association.  Usually we are centered in Reno, but today the show was held out in Fallon at a friendly rancher's HUGE steel barn, which took some time to drive to.

It was lovely and cool inside, a welcome change from the heat outside.

And chock full o' chickens!

Sadly, or perhaps for the best since I have NO willpower when it comes to chickens, the sale area held only a few lonely roos, the hens having all been snapped up first thing in the morning.

So we walked around and admired the chickens.  This little fellow was dashing and he knew it.

The Creole bantams were beautiful.

As were the large breeds.  This hen barely fit in her cage.

But she was VERY dignified.

Unlike this frizzled Silkie roo, who we couldn't stop giggling at.

It's really hard to say if he could see us or not.

Another huge chicken that barely fit in his cage.

There were other poultry there, too!  Like these...uhhh...
They looked geuinely offended at being labeled 'Turkeys', Champion be damned.

After the show we wandered and explored a bit driving home, and in Fernley came across this cool sculpture, the Bottle Cap Gazebo!

It glittered in the sun so, that at first we thought it was either a tile or colored mirror mosaic. 

The kid eyed it.  'Can I climb it?'
I looked closely at the thing. It indeed sported a ladder inside leading up to a sturdy-looking platform.  'Sure, I guess so...'
She beams, and we walk over to the thing.
Oh.  Never mind.  Kid scowls momentarily, then runs off to explore the thing from the ground.

Turns out it's from Burning Man!

Although being out in God-forsaken Fernley, I have a sneaking suspicion it was hauled halfway home from Burning Man and then someone came to their senses and realized they had nowhere to store it, thought fast and donated it to the town.

However it got there, it's way cool and a gorgeous thing.  The shading was impressive and well done.

Even the underside is fascinating.  You can see some of the numbering on the bottle caps.

After this it was getting late, so we grabbed a cold drink at a nearby AM/PM and headed back.  Across from the station was this sign:
Extraneous apostrophe aside, I'm glad they clarified things by adding little drawings of chickens.  This IS Nevada after all, and that kind of thing is legal in certain areas.

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