Friday, September 19, 2014

Mushroom And Olive!

So I get an email from the kid's Agriculture class teacher:  they have a bonded pair of bantam Cochins they need to rehome, and do I want them?

Well...YES, of course.

So off we go to the school, pick up the kid at quittin' time and head to the Ag class, where another student helps round up the banty couple, one rooster and a hen.  They are about 4-5 months old, super tame and sweet.

On the way home, we're trying out names.  Paired names seem cute since these two really are VERY bonded.

"Peanut Butter and Jelly!" the kid offers, saying it loud to try it on for size.  Uhhh....no, we all decide.
"Pizza and Beer!" My husband says.
"NO."  From me right away.  "NO NO NO.  I'm not naming some poor chicken 'Beer'."  Everyone laughs, and we continue to toss out names but haven't really decided before we get home.

Once we get home, we turn the two new chickens loose in the house for a bit so they can meet us, and us, them.  It also helps for us to gauge how tame they are and how they feel about us. They will be getting a wing clipping regardless, despite being Cochins they are still young enough that they haven't yet gotten too heavy to fly.

They wander the kitchen and dining room, craning their necks at everything.

Surprisingly, neither one has any idea what to do with people food.  The diced grapes and raw corn on the cob I offer, even after I shave off some of the kernels to give them the idea that it's food, are politely tasted but refused.  Poor chickens have clearly never had anything but chicken feed.  Of well, that will change eventually once they are out with the others.

Meanwhile, my husband pops off with another name set:  Mushroom and Olive--Olive clearly being the little gray hen, since Olive is a girl's name and she's the right color to boot.  Plus the little roo is kinda mushroom-colored...

As if to settle the issue, Mushroom jumps up and perches on the pizza boxes that we had set next to the trash can earlier.

OK, ok.  We get it.  Mushroom and Olive they are.

They settle in pretty quickly and jump up onto the couch, where they spend the next few hours watching my husband play Destiny on the XBox and getting cuddled.

They fit right in and behave as if they've lived here all their lives!

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