Friday, August 15, 2014

New Fence, Last Two Days!

The final two days of fencing went smoothly, thank goodness!

On Thursday, they strung chain link and got the gates ready to hang.  Looking through the new partition fence walkgate opening to the trail gateway.

The walkgate opening and the double drive gate opening into the future vegetable garden area.

The garden partion is 5 feet high, all of the perimeter fence is 6 foot.  I figured 5 foot high was good enough to keep chickens out of the garden...hopefully.

So straight! So shiny!  Doesn't lean in 9 directions at once!

The corners all meet correctly and the fence goes all the way to the ground!  No furry critters can enter!
I may have petted the new fence and cooed at it.  Just a little.

Friday was the last day!  The new double drive gates are installed.

As is the new gate to the trail!

Future vegetable garden area, yay!

Dusty the dog, who has been confined to the front yard all week, is finally allowed out back again.

She is understandably confused.  The guys had peeled off the old chain link that used to seperate Dusty's yard from the chicken yard.  Out of habit she entered the back part of the property through the old gate.

We told her this was going to be her one and only chance to roam the full extent of the property.  Once the fence is done, the chicken yard is off limits forever.

The chickens are cooped until tomorrow, when they will be allowed out of the coop and run for the first time since we moved in here 2 1/2 years ago.

It's been a long time coming, and we feel bad that it took this long.

But they'll have a nice, big area!  It still needs some trees and shrubs added, that'll be next.
Weedcat is NOT impressed with the dog sniffing around and keeps an eye on her.

The chicken/dog yard partition fence ready to go on.  I will NOT miss the old horse-damaged chain link.

DONE!  This part was the last to be done, along with some minor tweaking of the existing gates on the property to make them hang straight and open and close properly.

For the chickens, tomorrow is the big day!  I'm so happy I could spit.

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