Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pranked By A Chicken. Again.

So the other day I was walking by the chicken run, carrying something out to the feed shed.  Suddenly I hear one of the girls singing her Egg Song, but it sounds weird.  Wrong.

It sounds muffled and thick, like she has something in her throat.

Aw, shit.  Another sick hen.  Since we'd lost Betty, our buff Orpington hen of 8 years (I thought at the time of old age) just the day before, my mind instantly starts to click through possible illnesses that could cause throat problems-- Infectious Coryza and other assorted respiratory ickies.  Frounce.  A mouth injury.  Something caught in her throat.

Unnerved, I drop what I have and get into the coop to track down the sick bird.  I track her down by the sound and discover that it's Burger, one of our younger light Brahma hens.

She's still cackling.
And eating.

At the same time.

I finally realize that she isn't sick or hurt, she's just multitasking and talking with her mouth full.  Very full, from the way she's horking down the chow like she's paid to do so.  Holy cats, is she ever pounding the stuff down.  Making Brahmas everywhere proud, by God.  She finally comes up for air and wanders off, still cackling and every so often dribbling bits of food.

No manners whatsoever.  Silly chicken, nearly gave me heart failure.

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