Thursday, May 22, 2014

Watch Where You Sit, Squared

Today around 3PM (prime chicken nap time) a few of the older chicks were...'helping' my husband play video games. Left to right: BadMrFrosty (in the back), Jerk, NotASandwich, Pumpkin, Cattywampus and Alice.
 Proper chicken supervision was maintained at all times.

Dignity began to slip...

 ...then was abandoned altogether. Notta just kinda flopped out and forgot to reel his wing & leg back in and stayed that way. Jerk got both feet stuck in the couch cushions. *sheeeesh*

Notta, struggling to keep at least one eye open, gives in to naptime...

 Which spreads to Frosty. Notta still hasn't remembered to arrange his chicken bits.

Uh oh, Notta's magic SleepFoot is touching Pumpkin, who falls under it's spell. Wampus knows he's next...

 ...and splits (read: falls off the couch), breaking the spell. Notta finally remembers whatever the Hell he was doing with his limbs. Meanwhile, Alice notices that my husband clearly requires closer chicken supervision and climbs on him. 

Alice helps him through his Assassin's Creed 4 gameplay by standing on his chest, getting in his face and preening his beard.

See?  Chicken keeping is easy.

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